Covid 19 Lockdown easing

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Covid 19 Lockdown easing

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The time has come now where every nation on this planet that was under lockdown and is still under some form of lockdown to consider ending or easing restrictions.

How should this be done?
It’s relatively simple - a mix of services that are considered essential to the functioning of society coupled with the industries that are essential to the core bulk of the economic activity.

This systematic approach will ensure that the Governments maintain a stance of easing restrictions in a popular way but also ensuring that the revenue generation / gdp core elements of the economy are allowed to resume operations as quickly as possible.

We must cancel the summer holidays for industries and allow a catch-up. Borrowing costs must be reduced everywhere, maybe laws in place to ensure borrowing does not enter into double digits - this will ensure a kick-start that will introduce a competitiveness amongst the banks to create large loan books - there must be a easing of risk assessment to allow a higher percentage of delinquent borrowing. Society must be allowed to take risks to achieve higher growth.

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