Coronavirus Covid19 Over-Reaction?

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Coronavirus Covid19 Over-Reaction?

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Did the world just over react to the pandemic?

How long will it last?

Yes the world went too far... it would have been easier to just mass test and lock down the elderly /vulnerable first then slowly shut down the rest of the population. The cost of this lockdown is truly enormous and will revert economies to either allow pure capitalism (the Wild West) or Communism (socialism). With capitalism there is a tendency for abuse of the rich over the poor, but in communism there is the abuse of the powerful of the powerless. Historically neither truly works, a happy medium works, which is achieved via trial and error, but more importantly micro-steps.

This is just a flu, albeit more deadly than we are used to. So it will last as long as it takes to permeate through society. There’s no escaping it, unless a vaccine has been developed. Until then rich or poor are facing their mortality.

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